On March 12, 2024, Visions participated in the Data Spaces Symposium 2024, organized by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC), the professional alliance Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), GAIA-X, IDSA, and BDVA. This edition provided insights into the latest market-ready use cases, technological solutions for existing and emerging data spaces, and the essential work conducted by the DSSC to develop a common baseline plan for European data spaces, aligned with the European Data Strategy. This exclusive opportunity allowed Visions to showcase the first use case of the intercontinental data space, along with the Data Space Connector.

Exploring the first concrete use case of the Intercontinental Data Space focused on employment

The recent Data Spaces Symposium provided a platform for the first-ever presentation of a tangible use case of intercontinental data space between the European Union and South Korea, based on VisionsTrust. This case showcases the power of interconnecting ecosystems and offers a practical application of skills data.

This use case received significant exposure during the event, featuring an on-stage demonstration and highlighting in conferences led by renowned experts. Participants at the Data Spaces Symposium had the opportunity to discover this use case, which aims to match Korean residents with the most relevant job opportunities in Europe. It interconnects two ecosystems, represented by the VisionsGalaxy platform in France and the Pino platform in Korea, through the Prometheus-X Data Space Connector. The latter facilitates communication between ecosystems and the management of personal data.


In practice, this use case connects three entities:

  • Solideo, acting as a data operator for each citizen in South Korea. It enables every citizen to have a tool to control and share their personal data, including diplomas, via the Pino platform.
  • Headai and its artificial intelligence based on cognitive text analysis automate the connection of unstructured and multilingual data streams to enable matches.
  • Visions, with its personal data intermediary VisionsTrust, ensures compliance with each user’s consent in data exchanges and facilitates secure data sharing between two ecosystems through the Data Space Connector.

On the Pino platform, Korean residents can retrieve their diplomas, which they can easily share with Headai by giving consent for the data they wish to share, through the VisionsTrust personal data intermediary. Headai then analyzes these diplomas using its AI and matches them with job offers from various European catalogs in the French ecosystem. Once the matching is done, the offers are translated and directly accessible from the Pino platform.

This first use case of the Intercontinental Data Space opens new perspectives for international employment by facilitating the connection of talents with professional opportunities while ensuring the privacy and security of personal data.


Warmly received, this use case elicited enthusiastic reactions from participants, as evidenced by the following comments:

Really impressive how far you’ve come in implementing data spaces!

I appreciate your user-centered approach to realizing data spaces.

It’s great to see these new data space connectors efficiently addressing the challenges faced by participants.

Discover the replay of one of the presentations of this first use case of the Intercontinental Data Space during the Data Spaces Symposium, presented by Matthias De Bièvre, Founder and CEO of Visions and President of Prometheus-X, with the intervention of Harri Ketamo, Founder and President of Headai.

The Data Space Connector: a novel approach to data space connectivity and personal data exchange.

The Data Spaces Symposium also highlighted the Data Space Connector, developed as part of the Prometheus-X initiative. This connector introduces a new approach to data space connectivity, emphasizing consent management, personal data, and ecosystem contract handling. This solution facilitates connections between various data spaces, thereby promoting closer collaboration and efficient data exchange on an international scale.

Hosted by Pierre Gronlier, CTO of Gaia-X, and Félix Bole, CTO of Visions, the panel discussion on Prometheus-x’s Data Space Connector garnered keen interest among participants. Felix Bole provided a detailed presentation on the functionality and benefits of the Data Space Connector.

Indeed, it facilitates access to the data space, participant integration, and data exchanges in accordance with GAIA-X specifications, leveraging cataloging, identity, contract, and consent services. The connector adheres to IDSA’s Data Space Protocol and offers additional features compared to other Data Space Connectors on the market: individual consent management, sharing of personal data, and management of multipartite data sharing in addition to bilateral exchanges.

Thus, Prometheus-X’s Data Space Connector incorporates many of the fundamental principles of Gaia-X and IDSA:


  • Use of identifiers and attestations: The connector utilizes standardized metadata to establish trust and facilitate governance processes.
  • Use of the Trust Framework: It integrates data models and schemas to describe participants, resources, and offerings through reinforced classes, thereby enhancing the transparency and reliability of data exchanges.


  • Use of supported IDS Usage Policy classes: The connector relies on IDS Usage Policy classes as a reference basis for use cases and the implementation of ODRL.
  • Implementation of protocols and entities: The connector offers advanced features such as catalog management, contract management, and transfer process management in accordance with standards such as DCAT and ODRL, thus providing a seamless and secure experience.
  • The connector implements the data space protocol defined by IDSA.

This connector offers seamless integration and simplified usage through its key components, such as a public API for communication with other Data Space Connectors and infrastructure services, an administration API for administrator configuration, and an access control component for managing data and service access policies.

For more information, we invite you to check out our presentation and explore the dedicated Github.

Are you interested in participating or developing a use case for the data space in skills? Contact Matthias De Bièvre at matthias@visionspol.eu.