Prometheus-X is building a decentralized infrastructure for personal data spaces

Prometheus-X is an association bringing together an international community to build and govern digital commons that enable individuals and organizations to control and freely share their data, particularly in the fields of education, training, and employment. Visions is a founding member of this association, elected to its presidency, and actively participates.

Project Objectives of Prometheus-X


Develop digital commons


Establish a next-generation open and decentralized data-sharing infrastructure for humanity


Build technical infrastructure for data exchange and interoperability


Create and govern infrastructure services for data circulation

Description of the Prometheus-X Project

Prometheus-X constructs and provides digital commons to establish a next-generation open and decentralized data-sharing infrastructure, in the interest of humanity. These digital commons allow anyone to deploy and operate their services and open ecosystems, while adhering to these specifications without depending on a single entity.

Consent Management

Identity Management

Contract Generation



Prometheus-X is funded to build the infrastructure and deploy use cases using data and AI in education and skills. It will provide a marketplace of interoperable technologies for data empowerment, intermediation, storage, and processing.

As part of this ambitious project, Prometheus-X collaborates with Gaia-X’s Data and Cloud Association (AISBL) for the education and skills data space, in partnership with numerous public and private organizations from different European Union countries.

Contribution from Visions


Visions develops the open-source code for digital commons related to the catalog, contract, and consent.


Visions co-builds these commons with a large community to ensure alignment with recognized data space standards.


Visions also leads discussions on the use case of personalized guidance and works with stakeholders to define data ecosystems implementing this personalization: use case definition, governance model, economic model, technical architecture.

All contributions from Visions can be found on the Prometheus-X GitHub repository.

Participants in the Prometheus-X Project

Key Points

đź“Ś Developed Digital Commons


This catalog is accessible through a platform to discover, search, and register data and services. These assets are described using GAIA-X compliant self-descriptions, making it easier to share them with other catalogs.

Consent Service

The consent service facilitates the generation of a data-sharing agreement among members of the data space, thereby authorizing the sharing of end-user data.

Contract Service

Through the contract service, data space members can automate the creation and verification of data-sharing agreements.

đź“Ś 3 initial use cases under development

Impact Study

Analyze the impact of each solution and identify improvements by aggregating student learning data and traces from the solutions they used both in school and in extracurricular activities.


Facilitate collaboration through data aggregation for training artificial intelligence algorithms. Whether in the public and private sectors or in research, this approach becomes an essential necessity.


Enhance the quality of education, training, and employment services through the sharing of data among sector stakeholders. While creating ethical networks of personal data to ensure sensitive information protection.