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VisionsGalaxy: a lifelong learning ecosystem

Discover an ecosystem of innovative edtechs, designed to facilitate people’s career paths.

VisionsGalaxy is much more than just a platform; it’s a true interconnection of several platforms to allows skills data to circulate between players and people to receive more personalised learning and career recommendations.

Gamified paths

Customized pathways based on the chosen objective, in the form of missions that guide individuals step by step through the various tools, with rewards at the end.

Personalized recommendation

Based on the individual’s profile, our AI partners propose them offers that correspond to them, so that they can consult and apply for them.

Simple, secure data storage and sharing

The data generated in the tools is under the control of the person that can share it across all players with their consent. stored in a safe in the form of a report that can be shared in 2 clicks with the departments and players of their choice.

Consents given

Jobs offers added every day

Proposed training offers

Offer catalogs used

VisionsGalaxy features

Promote your learning solutions and services

Benefit from our vast community of learners, professionals and organizations, an engaged audience eager for innovative solutions.

View statistics in real time

Understand your audience better and make more informed decisions with a personalized dashboard of jobs, sectors, skills and individual profiles.

Receive qualified profiles

Receive qualified profiles that match your training or job offers directly in your mailbox or CRM.

Platform customization

Take advantage of a platform that can be fully adapted to your needs, objectives and target audiences, to achieve better results for your beneficiaries and your organization.

Customizing VisionsGalaxy

VisionsGalaxy offers a unique approach that lets you personalize the matching process on 3 levels.

Interconnected tools

Select the tools proposed in the course from partner tools or your existing resources.

Proposed trades and sectors

Target trades by sector or by category, such as short-staffed trades.

Training and employment opportunities

Integration of your organization’s or existing job and training catalogs for matching.

Interconnected tools with the VisionsTrust API

VisionsGalaxy relies on the VisionsTrust API to interconnect tools and manage the sharing of individual data.

The tools available on VisionsGalaxy

VisionsGalaxy reference use cases 


Join the VisionsGalaxy ecosystem, which brings together all the key players – advisors, schools, universities, innovative tools, training organizations, guidance structures and employers – to offer every individual the best opportunities.

Reorientation assessment

CY Cergy Pontoise University and Visions have designed a powerful, personalized guidance tool for CY students considering a career change. The tool helps them to assess their skills and aspirations, and to receive recommendations for courses of study.

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