Visions is committed to creating a new data governance model to build a human-centric data sharing model.

Our vision of data governance in Europe

We are committed to ensuring that organizations and individuals can participate in establishing the governance rules for data exchange and use.

Specifically, we are working to ensure that the individual can decide on the exchange and use of their data by exercising their rights through a neutral and independent data intermediary. Through this intermediary, the individual describes his or her preferences on the use of their data and these are taken into account by the organizations using that data. This guarantees a separation of powers between those who store and process the data and those who manage the authorizations. The individual can thus control their data independently of those who use it and ensure that it is used only under conditions and for purposes that are appropriate to them. This is essential to create a trusted digital and artificial intelligence ecosystem that does not lock people into its rules but rather it takes into account their will, freedom and principles.

All of the architecture that we implement through VisionsTrust and that we enforce through our data ecosystems adhere to these conditions. All organizations that are connected to this network participate in this governance and we also include individuals in this construction. More broadly, we are working to ensure that many data intermediaries emerge in order to give as many individuals as possible control over their data. To do this, we are involved in various non-profit organizations.

Our contribution to aNewGovernance

Visions is co-founder of the association and is involved in many projects :


Consultations with the European Commission on the creation of the Data Governance Act.


Consultation by the CNIL on the issue of the exercise of rights by a mandate.


Building an open source contracting service  for data intermediaries funded by the European Commission.


Working on an ethical and interoperability charter between data intermediaries.


Leading technical and legal working groups.

aNewGovernance is an association that unites data ecosystems and their stakeholders across multiple sectors around the world. aNewGovernance builds human-centric business, ethical, UX, legal and technical standards, fosters cooperation and organizes consortia for public fundraising.


The Skills Alliance is a unit of the aNewGovernance association, led by Visions. It is composed of more than 40 organizations across 6 countries around the world that are working towards the free flow of skills data.

Our contribution to the Skills Alliance

This cell is primarily composed of members of data ecosystems sharing skills data. These networks bring together universities, employers, employment agencies, training organizations and platforms; all sharing skills data (supply and demand) through one or more data intermediaries. All are committed to human-centric data governance that allows individuals to stipulate their terms.

All these organizations are working together to create the European Skills Data Space and are exchanging on the technical, legal, UX and economic rules of such a European infrastructure. They also collaborate on the concrete implementation of data flow projects.

The Skills Alliance works in close collaboration with many public organizations such as Europass, Mon compte personnel de formation and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. It regularly exchanges with the European Commission on the construction of this project.

Notre contribution au sein de la Skills Alliance

Cette cellule est principalement composée de membres d’écosystèmes de données partageant des données sur les compétences. Ces réseaux rassemblent des universités, des employeurs, des agences pour l’emploi, des organisations de formation et des plateformes; toutes les données de partage de compétences (offre et demande) par le biais d’un ou de plusieurs intermédiaires de données.

Tous ces organismes collaborent afin de créer le Skills Data Space européen et échange sur les règles techniques, juridiques, UX et économique d’une telle infrastructure européenne.

La Skills Alliance travaille en étroite collaboration avec de nombreux organismes publics dont Europass, Mon compte personnel de formation et le ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports. Elle échange régulièrement avec la Commission Européenne sur la construction de ce projet.


La Skills Alliance est une cellule de l’association aNewGovernance que Visions pilote. Elle est composée de plus de 40 organisations à travers 6 pays dans le monde qui travaille à la libre circulation des données de compétences.

Our contribution to iDFRights

This initiative aims to redefine human rights in the AI era.
To do so iDFRights leads different actions:


Elaboration of an ethical charter for AI.


Lobbying actions on respecting fundamental rights in the use of digital technology.


Lobbying actions on the respect of fundamental rights in the use of digital technology.

IDFRights is an initiative led by lawyers, university researchers, NGOs, actors of the digital ecosystem and public figures of which our founder Matthias De Bièvre is a founding member.