DS4Skills, a preparatory project for the development of a European skills data space

The Data Space for Skills (DS4Skills) project, led by Digital Europe and involving 14 partners, brings together important stakeholders from industry, education, and the data space ecosystem. With financial support from the European Commission, DS4Skills is tasked with laying the groundwork for the development of a European skills data space.

Project Objectives of DS4Skills


Establishing the foundation for an education and skills data space


Identifying relevant data sources for the skills data space based on stakeholders’ needs.


Developing conceptual approaches and possible options for the future deployment of the skills data space (economic and governance model).

Description of the DS4Skills Project

DS4Skills is dedicated to the establishment of a secure data space focused on skills, promoting the sharing and access to this data within a reliable framework. These data will be utilized for analytical, statistical, policy-making, and innovative application reuse purposes, as well as for aligning training programs with digital needs. Through this data, individuals can access relevant training and job recommendations to transition and enhance their skills, while strengthening their accountability towards their competencies.

DS4Skills is developing a blueprint for the education & skills data space that is composed of:

– use cases

– business models

– governance models

– technical architecture

– UX recommendations

The DS4Skills project thus contributes to the development of the digital capabilities of the European Union, fostering the construction of a sovereign, ethical, and decentralized digital infrastructure, in line with the objectives of the Digital Europe program.

Contribution from Visions


Visions is responsible for developing the blueprint of DS4Skills, which will outline recommendations for use cases, governance model, and the economic framework of the skills data space.

Participants in the DS4Skills project

Key Points

Categorization and Analysis of Existing Initiatives

DS4Skills has identified crucial data sources for the skills data space by examining and analyzing existing platforms and projects dedicated to collecting, storing, and sharing skills-related data in both public and private sectors.

Interactive Inventory of Skills Data Initiatives

DS4Skills has developed an online inventory that provides a comprehensive and structured overview of platforms, services, applications, emerging data spaces, and other existing initiatives in the field of skills data.

Policy Brief and Recommendations for the DSSC

The Policy Brief provides a summary of the key findings regarding stakeholders’ needs and preferred solutions in the field of skills data. This document offers valuable recommendations that will guide the development of the Data Spaces Support Center (DSSC) Blueprint.