On December 14th, a webinar took place to unveil the 5 winners of VisionsTrust’s Early Adopter Program. A unique opportunity to showcase their innovative projects in the field of data spaces and sharing. This online event brought together over 80 professionals from various sectors, all passionate about data and data spaces. Explore the highlights of this event and delve into real-world use cases based on VisionsTrust.

An inspiring event on concrete data space use cases


The significant event marking the launch of VisionsTrust’s Early Adopters Program, held on December 14th from 10 am to 11 am, concludes the year 2023 by emphasizing the importance of data spaces.

The active participation of over 80 experts, including startups and large national and international companies, underscores the growing significance of data spaces in our society.

During this webinar, participants had the opportunity to discover the winners of VisionsTrust’s Early Adopter Program. These pioneers shared their real-world use cases of data space in the fields of tourism, skills, and smart cities, providing new and stimulating perspectives.

A total of five innovative projects were distinguished as winners of the VisionsTrust Early Adopter Program:


Skills data space:


  • Edtake

Edtake is a pedagogical design platform focused on corporate training and adult education. The platform uses a set of artificial intelligence models to generate training content and activities on any subject within minutes. This project aims to associate learning traces with skills and propose personalized combinations to easily build relevant resources. This requires the interconnection of various data and AI providers already linked to VisionsTrust.

Use case description:

  • As a training designer, I can enrich the metadata of learning resources with a skills ontology.
  • As a training designer, I can reuse existing resources that match the objectives of a new course.
  • As a learner, I can benefit from learning resource recommendations based on my skills.


  • Pinot

Pinot is a South Korean project led by Solideos. Pino is a platform that enables Korean residents to securely share their diplomas and transcripts with job matching services connected to VisionsTrust. This project aims to enhance international study and career opportunities while capitalizing on a data exchange system in line with MyData principles. This initiative represents the first true international collaboration for intercontinental data sharing.

Use case description:

  • As a Korean professional, I can digitally share my diplomas with European companies, streamlining my job applications and enhancing my employment prospects.
  • As a job matching service, I can connect regional jobs with qualified Korean candidates.
  • As a European Union company, I can quickly verify the diplomas of Korean candidates for efficient recruitment.


Tourism data space:


  • Themis-X

Themis-X, the project leader of Travel Connect, collaborates with the Eona-x data space within the framework of Gaia-X. This project aims to create a personal tourism data space for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This extensive project brings together over 60 key stakeholders for an efficient and seamless tourist experience among all participants, facilitated by VisionsTrust in interconnecting these stakeholders.

Use case description:

  • As a traveler, I can reuse my data from one service to another with the “Tell us once” function to simplify my bookings.
  • As a travel service (mobility, accommodation, leisure), I can act as a travel assistant and offer personalized recommendations for the traveler’s journey.
  • As a traveler, I benefit from recommendations based on my preferences and other aspects of my journey.


Smart cities data space:


  • OASC

As a demonstrator of Living-in.eu’s MIMs principles, Open & Agile Smart Cities leads a project on smart cities. This project aims to highlight the importance of data spaces in designing, delivering, and monitoring digital services managed by cities and territories. VisionsTrust enables OASC to have a catalog to describe and implement smart city use cases with various cities.

Use case description:

  • As a citizen, I can interact with public goods and services to facilitate my daily life and the environment of my local community.
  • As a municipal official, I can better manage interactions with residents, city users, and all stakeholders involved in the delivery of public services.


  • Libellum

Led by Libellum, this project brings together more than 150 cities and 9 data providers that will be able to be interconnected through VisionsTrust. The objective of this project is to analyze air and mobility quality in low-emission zones by integrating private traffic data, open meteorological data, and IoT data.

Use case description:

  • As a city, I want access to private mobility/traffic data from other companies such as taxis, Meep, and traffic cameras.
  • As a city, I want to transparently offer all citizens general air quality data and only to specific entrepreneurs and public officials, street-level air quality (urban canyon).
  • As a municipal official, I can better manage interactions between urban planning and the delivery of public services by planning low-emission zones (correlation between traffic and air quality).

Participants also explored the perspectives offered by VisionsTrust and its powerful features based on open-source components and Prometheus-X and GAIA-X standards.

More than 80 professionals excited about the prospects offered by VisionsTrust

This webinar revealed the latest version of VisionsTrust. This innovative technology will enable Early Adopter Program winners to design and operate data ecosystems. Participants were able to discover the key features offered by VisionsTrust:

  • Catalog of use cases, services, and data,
  • Governance definition,
  • Automation of data exchange contracts,
  • Consent and user identity management,
  • Perfect interoperability via a single and customizable portal.

The innovative VisionsTrust platform was warmly welcomed by organizations and generated keen interest in the development of large-scale projects.

If you missed this event, don’t worry!
You can watch the entire webinar and discussions through the event replay below.

Would you also like to use VisionsTrust or learn more about the projects and perspectives offered? Contact Matthias De Bièvre at matthias@visionspol.eu.