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An avant-garde solution for data spaces, entirely built on open-source components and endorsed by Prometheus-X and GAIA-X.

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Do you have an ambitious data project ? Are you looking to interconnect various services to create a harmonious ecosystem ?


Our proposal

We have the perfect solution for you! Our exclusive program guides you through the entire process and supports the implementation of your data ecosystem.

Limited spots available

This program is highly exclusive, with only 5 spots available, and 3 spots have already been taken.

Why Us ?

Our team of experts has extensive experience in creating and managing successful data ecosystems. We have the skills, resources, and expertise to turn your project into a reality quickly.

Examples of ecosystems created with visionstrust


The Île-de-France Region uses VisionsTrust to interconnect 25 edtechs to provide better opportunities for guidance and employment that align with individuals’ needs.


As part of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Visions actively engages in a large-scale project led by THEMIS-X. The goal of this project is to create an innovative tourist data space based on Gaia-X standards and utilizing VisionsTrust.

Maximize the value of your data and boost your ecosystem with VisionsTrust technology


Access and share data easily

With VisionsTrust, you have the ability to access and disseminate data efficiently, paving the way for the creation of a high-performing data ecosystem.


Remove data sharing barriers

Establish a trusted collaborative environment within your ecosystem by making data sharing seamless.


Set up infrastructure quickly

Swiftly establish a comprehensive infrastructure for your ecosystem. From contract management to catalog creation, identity management, consents, and B2C and B2B interfaces, everything is ready for efficient deployment.


Build a solid foundation for your data ecosystem

Significantly simplify the process of creating and managing your ecosystem by leveraging a solid foundation for data ecosystem construction. Benefit from pre-built governance rules and business models, as well as the ability to reuse established rules from other data spaces.


Create value for your ecosystem and data

By joining the Early Adopter Program, you’ll have the ability to create value for both your ecosystem and your own data. VisionsTrust provides the necessary tools to fully harness the potential of your data while fostering collaboration and innovation within your ecosystem.

Enjoy the benefits of the Early Adopter Program

Early and free access

Exclusive early access to the VisionsTrust platform before its official launch in January.
After the January launch, continued free access to all features for a limited period.

One-day technical support assistance for 3 to 5 of your partners to integrate the infrastructure.

Access to sources, services, and users

Access to sources already connected to the catalog to implement their use cases.
Highlighting your project and ecosystem to all catalog and Prometheus-X partners to find users.
Invitation of VisionsTrust users (VisionsGalaxy) to participate in testing sessions for their project.

Webinars and Support Sessions

1 workshop with the ecosystem orchestrator to determine relevant actors and design the use case.
1 workshop with selected relevant actors (3 to 5) to present the approach.
1 workshop per actor to determine data exchange conditions.
2 follow-up workshops with selected actors.
Drafting of a Rulebook operationally describing the use case and its terms (business, governance, UX, technical).
Support and training for participating actors.
Access to thematic webinars.
Collaboration with other early adopters and exchange sessions.

VisionsTrust features

Service and data catalog
Access a wide range of data and services that perfectly match your criteria, with the option to easily register your own services and data for sharing with other organizations. Additionally, you can describe your use cases, enabling you to be matched with data and service providers that are valuable to you !
Contracting and governance

Establish a clear structure within your data ecosystem by defining roles, obligations, and responsibilities. Then, set access conditions and usage policies for your services and data. You can generate service and data access contracts in compliance with these established rules. These contracts can be bilateral or multilateral, adapted to the entire ecosystem. Once agreements are reached, you can access data and services in accordance with the contract terms, which will be automatically enforced.

Individual consent

Based on your contracts, generate comprehensive and compliant consents for individuals. Moreover, integrate consent requests into your applications and interfaces to transparently and respectfully manage user privacy. Through this management of personal data, you provide individuals with precise control over their data, allowing them to share it confidently within your ecosystem.


VisionsTrust API allows you to create a decentralized identity for your organization to interact with all features (catalog, contract, etc.). It also gives you the option to easily manage individual identities: use your own identification system, opt for VisionsTrust’s Single Sign-On (SSO), or explore a decentralized identity solution.

Individual interfaces

Provide your users with a unique and customizable portal through which they can easily access interconnected services within your ecosystem. Within this portal, your users will also have access to a single interface for managing their consents and the sharing of their personal data.


With VisionsTrust, ensure seamless interoperability through automatic translators that allow you to convert your data to and from standard data space
pivot formats. This functionality provides the flexibility needed to exchange information smoothly, regardless of the data format you use.

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