Born from the need to create a legal framework to exchange data. Visions and its partners 1001 Lakes and Knowledge Innovation Center have developed a data exchange contracting service: Rulebook.

A favorable context for the creation of the rulebook

The GDPR and the more recent proposal for a data governance law have introduced a new type of actor: “data intermediaries”. Data intermediaries like Visions are created to help individuals manage their data. This legislation also sets the framework for data portability governance.

The need to produce a comprehensive European data portability infrastructure became apparent as a result of these developments. Visions and its partners have started to work on the creation of such an infrastructure in addition to a contractual framework taking into account :
– Industry-specific regulations
– Ethics charters,
– Codes of conduct
– The responsibilities and obligations of each party during data transfers

This work and the involvement of the project team in numerous data portability projects led them to a simple conclusion. The key element of the data portability infrastructure must be an open source contracting service like Rulebook.

This service should:
– Provide an open-source API used by data intermediaries
– Automatically generate appropriate contracts for data transfers
– Be human-centric and enable data portability
– Be consent-based

All of this is made possible by contractual clauses that are:
– Open and machine-readable
– Described as objects
– Published on an open and common Git
– Using W3C standards

Rulebook: a dapsi 2021 winning service funded by the european commission

Rulebook is a project created by Visions and its partners 1001 Lakes and Knowledge Innovation Center in response to the DAPSI call for projects. Selected as one of the 15 most innovative projects on the continent on personal data portability. This project is funded by the EU under the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative.

The Rulebook Data Contract Service aims to create an open legal infrastructure.
In practice, the Rulebook service allows to:
– Automate the management and creation of contracts
– Sign these contracts on the blockchain
– Check the existence of contracts before any data exchange

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The first version of this service was released last February along with open source code for those wishing to integrate this service into their platforms. Tested, used and supported by many organizations such as GAIA-X or Prometheus-X, Rulebook is experiencing a consistent adoption of its service.

A promising start for the first version of rulebook

Rulebook was born out of a need for organizations to exchange data within a clear and legal contractual framework. The Rulebook service allows many organizations to automate data exchanges in complete security. In parallel to its development, Rulebook participates in the standardization of data exchange contracts. In particular in GAIA X and International Data Spaces Association.
As a result, this service has been quickly adopted in the field of education and skills. It is thus added to the functionalities of the VisionsTrust application that Visions develops. In addition, these services have been applied with the associations Prometheus-X and GAIA X as well as its members like Inokufu, Cstar, Tralalère, Inria, Edtech France, Editeurs d’Education, AFINEF, Université de Lille. As a result, the Rulebook service is validated as the basis of the legal infrastructure of the Skills Data Space in France. Therefore this service is beginning to be used in concrete cases of data exchange to personalize education, training and professional insertion.