VisionsGalaxy, an open, ethical, and human-centered skills data ecosystem

Join the VisionsGalaxy ecosystem that brings together all key stakeholders – counselors, schools, universities, innovative tools, training organizations, guidance structures, and employers – to provide each individual with the best opportunities.

Who Benefits from the VisionsGalaxy Ecosystem ?

Policy Makers

Access valuable data to make informed decisions on orientation and education public policies through a deeper understanding of complex issues and challenges.


Make your platform available and gain new users while tapping into lucrative prospects.


Utilize data and services to analyze future candidate attributes and find suitable, competent candidates.


Understand career advancement opportunities and the required training and skills for these professional opportunities. Apply for offers aligned with your aspirations.

High School and College Students

Build your career path by getting to know yourself better, exploring professions, and the necessary skills. Identify training and job opportunities that match your goals and apply.

Educational Institutions

Facilitate learner orientation and help them seize future opportunities. Recruit candidates by receiving profiles of individuals interested in your programs and connect with them.

Visions connects participants within the data ecosystem and ensures interoperability through its VisionsTrust technology. This operation enables a human-centric use of personal data for better lifelong guidance.

A Tool Dedicated to Interactions Among Different Ecosystem Players

The realization of this ecosystem for each individual is embodied in our dedicated platform, VisionsGalaxy.

This platform offers every individual the chance to find a suitable counselor, tools to facilitate opportunity search, as well as concrete training and job offers.

An Ethical Approach to Reliable Recommendations and AI Selection

Total Transparency

All artificial intelligences must disclose their criteria and adhere to them when operating within this ecosystem. Individuals are informed of all criteria considered by different AIs for a precise understanding of what influences the conducted matches.

Plurality of Choices

Individuals have the option to choose one or multiple AIs based on their preferences and needs. This approach allows them to explore different possibilities to obtain the best possible recommendations.

Collective Decision-Making

Together, we define the rules that AIs must adhere to, evaluate the trust and performance criteria of the algorithms used. Each algorithm seeking to operate is rigorously assessed through shared digital resources via our infrastructure.

An Infrastructure Developed with Prometheus-X

The VisionsGalaxy ecosystem ensures the governance and development of the infrastructure and commons by relying on the dedicated Prometheus-X association for this purpose.

This collaboration is perfectly aligned with the European strategy for data spaces and trustworthy AI.

Open, Free, and Interoperable Mechanisms

All essential mechanisms required for data circulation (identity, consent, contract, interoperability) as well as those to ensure trust in AIs (evaluation, transparency, etc.) are open, free, and interoperable.

Shared Fundamental Building Blocks

Ecosystem members vote on and decide these shared fundamental building blocks. Development is then co-financed through the revenue generated by the ecosystem.

Seamless Network Interconnection

· Use the shared building blocks to operate them yourself in compliance with legal and technical standards.
· Utilize a service like VisionsTrust that provides you with a user-friendly global API.

Participatory Governance

Ecosystem members participate in defining the governance rules for data exchange and utilization, as well as the economic and ethical rules of the ecosystem.

Member Groups

Groups comprised of ecosystem members are established to collectively decide on the economic rules of the ecosystem, the highlighting and visibility of tools in the marketplace, and trust in AIs.

External Organizations

This governance relies on organizations such as GAIA-X, Prometheus-X, and the Data Space Support Centre for decisions regarding the technical aspects of data circulation.

An Active Network of Technologies, Public and Private Entities, Training Actors, and Employers

As the orchestrator of the ecosystem, Visions emphasizes facilitating the French EdTech ecosystem and simultaneously works towards building a European and international EdTech tool ecosystem.

employers have already committed to offering job opportunities

organizations providing personalized and quality training experiences

independent career counselors, coaches, local employment centers, and career centers

interconnected French EdTech and HrTech companies