Amid rapid technological evolution, Europe finds itself at a critical juncture where its global competitiveness hinges on the development and maintenance of advanced digital skills. This context framed the 20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit held on May 16 in Madrid, where Visions and Prometheus-X were invited to present their latest use case of the data space based on VisionsTrust technology.

20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit: A day to propel Europe towards its goal of adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030


The summit gathered numerous industry, education, and policy leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges related to advanced digital skills in Europe. Participants engaged in various panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, and presentations of best practices throughout the day.

The objective was clear: to foster the emergence of innovative solutions and strategic collaborations to redefine the digital skills landscape in Europe.

Among the participants, Matthias De Bièvre, representing Visions and Prometheus-X, presented significant contributions that drew considerable attention. His interventions notably revealed the first use case of the trust ecosystem for skills forecasting. This project was developed using Visions’ VisionsTrust solution, in partnership with Headai, ABB, and Lightcast.

Data and AI in data spaces: The winning duo for developing european skills


During a panel titled “Unleashing the Power of Data: Developing the Foundation of the First European Data Space for Skills,” Matthias De Bièvre discussed the use of data and AI in data spaces for skills development through a concrete use case. Alongside Daniella Manassero from DIGITALEUROPE, Anu Passi-Rauste from Headai, and Daniel Alonso from BDVA, he explored how these technologies and the data space can transform training, forecasting, and skill enhancement in Europe.


First use case of the trust Ecosystem for skills forecasting

The first use case of the trust ecosystem for skills forecasting addresses a major challenge for companies like ABB: predicting skills needs in a constantly evolving industrial environment. To overcome the limitations of traditional methods, this use case leverages the data space, employing AI and data sharing to provide advanced predictive tools. Orchestrated by Headai via Prometheus-X’s marketplace and developed by Visions with VisionsTrust, this use case allows precise configuration while ensuring secure management of data access and exchanges.

In practice, ABB plays a central role by providing and utilizing skills data. These and Lightcast data are shared with Headai for skills forecasting and then returned to ABB to improve the skills of its employees. Every exchange of personal data is verified through VisionsTrust data from Visions to ensure compliance and respect for individual consent.

This summit was a resounding success, laying the foundation for a more skilled and competitive Europe in the ICT sector. Visions and Prometheus-X stood out for their commitment and innovative solutions, contributing to shaping the future of digital skills in Europe.

Interested in contributing to the skills forecasting use case or developing your data space use case with Prometheus-X? Contact Matthias De Bièvre at!