On May 15, 2024, the Prometheus-X Unveiled webinar was broadcast live, offering a fascinating deep dive into the use of competence data. Organized by industry experts, this event explored innovative use cases of the data space and the building block infrastructure on which they are based.

Latest innovative use cases of Prometheus-X’s data space

Prometheus-X stands out for its ability to enable personal, secure, and decentralized data sharing, giving users the power to share their data within a digital commons framework. This infrastructure is essential for making personal data accessible to organizations in a secure and transparent manner. With this approach, the member organizations of Prometheus-X have collaborated to create data space use cases that address current societal challenges.

SmartSkills: Guiding job seekers

SmartSkills is a flagship use case of Prometheus-X, aimed at helping job seekers find suitable training and opportunities. By combining skills data from various actors (employers, EdTech platforms, job boards, schools), the data space allows individuals in France to take control of their personal data. These data are then matched with opportunities using AI, enabling them to access better training and job opportunities. This data space use case materializes for users via the VisionsGalaxy platform.

International networking and opportunity transformation (PINOT)

This use case is implemented with the PINOT platform through a secure, compliant, and transparent system for exchanging personal data via the data space. This system allows Korean professionals to share their diplomas to find job recommendations in Europe. Korean residents can use the PINOT platform to upload, store, and share their diplomas and access a dedicated section for job searching in Europe. Through the VisionsTrust personal data intermediary, they can consent to share these diplomas with Headai, a company that uses artificial intelligence to analyze diplomas and match them with relevant job offers in Europe.

Skills for the workforce for students

This use case aims to connect the LAB organization with training opportunities across Europe to recommend relevant skills for learners to develop for their professional success. It aims to improve students’ employability and promote lifelong learning.

Digital skills assessment tool

To meet the growing demand for training in digital professions in France, La Grande École du Numérique is launching an initiative using the data space. This use case aims to create a tool to help individuals find the most suitable job and training program in the digital field for their profile. This tool aims to simplify access to training and optimize the development of digital skills.

Basic infrastructure and building blocks for the data space

In the second part of the webinar, the architecture of the infrastructure and the building blocks on which the data space use cases rest were presented. These building blocks are based on a modular and open-source approach, offering flexibility to connect to a data space without dependency on a specific infrastructure.

The main blocks enable:

  • Combining with each other and being configurable
  • Supporting the main use case scenarios of the data space
  • Establishing collaborations for data sharing
  • Sharing learning records
  • Sharing skills-related data
  • Training AI models in a decentralized manner

The event also highlighted the integration of personal data intermediaries and consent management into the infrastructure and exchanges of personal data. This approach strengthens user confidence and guarantees the compliance of data exchanges in an ethical and human-centric way.

Focus on the building block: Competence translator

During the webinar, one of the building blocks was explored in depth: the competence translator. This service translates the structure and content of data into another format or language. Exploring this use case provided a better understanding of how Prometheus-X’s infrastructure works and the use of building blocks.

The Prometheus-X Unveiled webinar brilliantly demonstrated the impact of data spaces and building blocks in the secure and decentralized sharing of personal data. The use cases presented, such as SmartSkills and PINOT, illustrate how this approach transforms access to employment and training. This session also offered the opportunity to explore Prometheus-X’s modular and open-source infrastructure, highlighting the flexibility and efficiency of its system.

For those who could not attend the live event, the replay is available on YouTube.