Dive into the heart of data innovation! On May 29th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CET, mark your calendars for a new online session of the IDSA Tech Talk. Get ready for an immersive exploration of the latest personal data space use cases, thanks to the Prometheus-X Dataspace Connector. Discover in detail this connector and learn how to use it to exchange personal data efficiently, compliant with GDPR and controlled by the user.

Discover the rich and varied program of this IDSA Tech Talk session

During this session, you will have the opportunity to explore in-depth the Prometheus-X Data Space Connector (PDC) applied within the IDSA Dataspace protocol and its impact on the landscape of personal data sharing.

On the agenda for this event:

  • Introduction to the Prometheus-X association

Matthias De Bièvre, both President of Prometheus-X and CEO of Visions, will present an introduction to the Prometheus-X association and its initiatives in the field of personal data sharing.
Discovery of practical applications of the Prometheus-X data space connector

  • Discover how the Prometheus-X connector is used in real-world use cases

Two captivating examples will be presented:

– Building a personal teaching assistant through data spaces and education personal data presented by Benjamin André CEO of CozyCloud.
– Combining data spaces and Solid standards through Prometheus-X by Tom Bergmans of IMEC as well as a more concrete approach in the Media Data Space by Sylvain Le Bon CEO of StartinBlox.

  • Technical exploration of the Prometheus-X connector

Félix Bole, CTO of Visions, will then take you on a technical dive into the Prometheus-X connector. You will discover the full features of this connector and how it uses the IDSA Dataspace protocol to ensure the security and confidentiality of exchanged data.

Sneak peek: Prometheus-X Dataspace Connector

The Prometheus-X Data Space Connector allows interaction with the catalog, contract, and consent bricks of Prometheus-X, standardized and open-source bricks. It simplifies communication, exchange, and management of data between various organizations and data spaces. This connector promotes connection and interoperability with other data spaces and their systems, thus playing a crucial role in creating a coherent and interconnected data ecosystem. With features compliant with Gaia-X standards and the IDSA Dataspace protocol, this connector represents a major advance in personal data management and sharing.
The Prometheus-X Dataspace Connector offers a comprehensive set of features, including:

  • Advanced consent and contract management to ensure transparent data sharing.
  • Secure user authentication and compatibility with different systems.
  • A vast catalog of data and AI services, thus simplifying access to resources.
  • Decentralized data processing, including the ability to train artificial intelligences.

Furthermore, the Prometheus-X Dataspace Connector stands out for the integration of two additional features:

  • Multilateral contract management: Ability to manage contracts involving multiple parties within a data ecosystem.
  • Consent and personal data management: Integration of advanced consent management on personal data.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about the Prometheus-X Dataspace Connector and the IDSA Dataspace protocol.

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