Prometheus-X and Visions, two major players in digital innovation, recently organized a special workshop. This workshop aimed to define the modalities of a guidance and placement data ecosystem in France. The event took place on June 19th, from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. It brought together numerous experts and stakeholders in the field of guidance.


Smart Skills and Prometheus-X redefine guidance through their innovative data ecosystems !

The workshop is part of two key initiatives: Smart Skills and Prometheus-X.

These projects aim to establish a collaborative and interconnected approach to support individuals in their guidance and professional integration.

The Smart Skills project, in collaboration with the Île-de-France Region, aspires to study and create an innovative data ecosystem for guidance. Through collaboration with 200 guidance and placement structures, as well as 30 training organizations and employers, this ecosystem interconnects 20 existing tools to offer users a unified experience. So far, 2,500 beneficiaries have already benefited from this innovative guidance ecosystem.

Prometheus-X, on the other hand, is a project funded by France 2030. It focuses on the construction of an infrastructure interconnecting:
· the tools,
· the stakeholders,
· the data on guidance and professional integration.

This collaborative approach aims to avoid duplication of efforts by promoting smooth interconnection between the various actors in the ecosystem.


Highlights of the workshop

The workshop was divided into three distinct parts :

1/ Presentation of VisionsGalaxy’s features and the initial results of Smart Skills

Participants had the opportunity to discover the world of  VisionsGalaxy and its powerful features. This presentation highlighted the significant progress made through this innovative collaboration and served as inspiration for future discussions.

Participants were able to familiarize themselves with:
· the existing features,
· understand their positive impact,
· provide feedback on the tool,
· discuss the future use of the tool in their organizations.

2/ Discussions on future features

During this workshop, participants engaged in lively and constructive discussions to identify future features to be implemented. Participants brought their expertise, experiences, and unique visions, thereby contributing to enriching the reflections on improvements to be made and future developments. Their active participation allowed for:
· Exploring new opportunities,
· Anticipating user needs,
· Ensuring that the digital ecosystem meets expectations optimally.

Thanks to these fruitful exchanges, valuable information was gathered, which will be used to define a roadmap to further enhance the platform’s effectiveness and relevance for individuals.

3/ Development of a governance and economic model proposal

One of the key objectives of the workshop was to develop a governance and economic model proposal for data ecosystems. In this regard, participants collaborated to define best practices in governance and explore sustainable economic models to ensure the platform’s sustainability.

The sharing of participants’ knowledge opened up new perspectives, allowing for the design of a transparent, inclusive, and effective governance framework. This framework fosters cooperation among diverse actors in the ecosystem, creating an environment conducive to synergies.

Participants also explored different approaches, evaluated potential sources of funding, and examined options for a balanced economic model capable of supporting the continued growth of the ecosystem. The objective was to find an economic model that would maintain service quality while ensuring long-term financial stability. Active collaboration and engagement from participants gave rise to innovative ideas, laying the foundations for a robust governance proposal and a promising economic model.


Concrete outcomes and tangible results from this workshop

This workshop provided a unique opportunity for participants to actively contribute to shaping the future of guidance and professional integration in France. The ideas and recommendations gathered will be used to improve the existing platform, thereby offering users an optimized experience within an innovative guidance ecosystem in France. The enhanced platform will subsequently be made available to users to facilitate their professional journeys.
The results of this workshop will also have an impact beyond the event itself. They will be presented to the Île-de-France Region and the State, thus influencing future funding in the field of guidance and professional integration. The direct contribution of participants will help shape policies and investments in favor of guidance.

This workshop was a resounding success, bringing together experts and stakeholders committed to creating a digital ecosystem for guidance and placement in France. The collaboration among different actors has defined the modalities for nationwide deployment and proposed concrete improvements for the existing platform. By collectively building this innovative data ecosystem for guidance, France is equipping itself with a powerful tool to facilitate the professional journeys of all individuals.

You can watch the replay of the workshop by clicking here.

Interested in contributing to the Smart Skills or Prometheus-X project ? Contact Matthias De Bièvre at !