On October 11th, Visions and its partners organized a launch event for the Smart Skills project at CY Cergy Paris Université.

What is the Smart Skills project ?

CY Université, Visions and its partners won the 2021 Regional “Trophées franciliens de l’innovation numérique dans le supérieur” for their Smart Skills project. This project aims to offer a digital tool allowing individuals to manage their skills and employment data through an interactive pathway.

More concretely, this tool allows the individual to :
– determine their soft skills and personality traits
discover jobs and sectors that correspond to them
explore content to deepen their knowledge of the jobs identified
be matched with jobs that have high recruitment needs
propose job offers corresponding to the individual’s preferences

This tool is part of a regional bid for projects and is based on the interconnection of different complementary tools. It is co-constructed with many actors in guidance and orientation as well as with end-users and edtechs.

Assessment of the Smart Skills launch

During this event, more than 40 actors were present, including CY Cergy Paris Université, the IDF Region, Pôle Emploi, Groupement Evolution, CEEVO 95, CDGA, the local mission Coeur de val d’Oise as well as several edtechs, employers and actors of the guidance / professional services.

On this occasion, participants discovered an enhanced version of the Career Orientation Assessment tool with the new matching functionality for :
– job offers
– training courses
– jobs that are in high demand

The participants were then invited to take part in an interactive workshop to
– test the tool
– share their feedback and areas for improvement
– identify other domains that have difficulties recruiting and contributing other areas for experimentation

Following this event, several actors committed to using the tool in the framework of different events and actions with their beneficiaries.

Would you like to benefit from the Smart Skills Career Orientation Assessment tool  ? Send an email to mackenzie@visionspol.eu !