New matching functionality available in the Career Orientation Assessment!
Visions is increasing the potential of the Career Orientation Assessment with a new matching feature. This feature allows you to easily find and apply for training and job offers.


The key elements of the job and training matching in the Career Orientation Assessment tool

The digital Career Orientation Assessment tool was released 1 year ago is an interactive tool that :
– Highlights personality traits
– Helps determine soft skills
– Explores career paths
– Refines your career plan
– Sends educational resources adapted to learning objectives

This tool is funded by the Ile-De-France Regional Council as part of the Smart Skills project.

The Career Orientation Assessment is developed in co-construction with :
the University of Cergy Pontoise
historical actors in orientation and SPRO
edtech partners

Today, Visions and its partners are offering an enhanced version of this tool to respond to the employment and training issues that individuals face.
The job and training matching is based on an algorithm, which takes into account several criteria to propose relevant offers for the jobs identified in the assessment. In addition to providing a skills-based matching, the Orientation Assessment tool uses affinity matching. Affinity matching consists of taking into account the candidate’s personality, interests and desires. The implementation of this functionality is made possible thanks to the technologies of our partners Inokufu and Palm that we interconnect.

Currently, more than 350,000 training offers are available from 14,000 training organizations. These offers include :
– training financed by the CPF
– certified training courses offered by OpenClassrooms, Studi, Neobridge or the University of Cergy Pontoise.
People can also find hundreds of job offers, work-study programs or internships that correspond to their career path.

Why the matching feature is interesting 

The matching feature on job and training offers has many advantages for recruiters and candidates.

For recruiters, the matching feature allows them to :
– Save time during recruiting. The matching feature shortens the recruitment process and eliminates some time-consuming tasks. Recruiters can then focus on their core business and on people.
– Find qualified profiles. The algorithm only proposes offers to candidates who match the identified criteria.

For candidates, the matching feature :
– Limits discrimination. Since the matching of offers is performed by an artificial intelligence, it is based on objective criteria. The bias linked to the human being is eliminated in order to process the information without prejudice.
– Find unexpected job offers and training programs. In general, candidates conduct their job and training searches based on the titles they know. The algorithm goes further, as it is based on elements of the assessment and identifies matches. Thus, candidates will be offered jobs according to their skills and not according to a title.
– Saves time researching and applying for positions. Candidates are matched with offers and can instantaneously click and share their profile.
Matching complements the Orientation Assessment tool, which is widely distributed in France and more particularly in the Paris region. More than 7000 people have already found their way thanks to the Bilan d’Orientation!

If you would like more information about the Bilan d’Orientation tool, send an email to !