In the context of an ongoing collaboration between CY Cergy Pontoise University and Visions, a need for a tool to improve the reorientation process arose. Visions and its partners have developed a new tool to meet this need: the reorientation assessment.

A tool developed in response to the needs that the covid crisis has created

During 2020 and 2021, CY Cergy Pontoise University has seen a sharp increase in reorientation needs among first year undergraduate students wishing to change their spécialization. This was primarily due to the health crisis and the lack of available guidance counselors. This situation led CY Cergy Pontoise University teams within DOIP and Visions to collaborate together on the ideation of a tool that could address these needs.

Co-creation methods for the development of the reorientation tool

The Reorientation Assessment is the result of a co-creation process between the partners, CY Cergy Pontoise University and the beneficiaries. Therefore, Visions used several methods to build a 100% human-centric reorientation assessment: Design Thinking and brainstorming.
Visions used Design Thinking in order to keep the end-users at the heart of the tool’s creation process. This, in the production of the reorientation tool, Visions focused on the needs of the end-users, i.e. the counselors and students. This allowed us to offer a more efficient tool to best meet their needs. In addition, at each stage of the tool’s ideation, testing and brainstorming workshops with guidance counselors, students, and technology partners were conducted. These workshops allowed to:

– create a fun reorientation pathway
– continuously improve the tool
– deliver a first quality version that creates value for the beneficiaries

The reorientation assessment: bringing together 6 innovative technologies

As a result of these workshops and thanks to partnering technologies, Visions has developed an experience based on the interconnection of five edtech tools and a data storage space.

Partnering technologies present in the reorientation assessment:
Orientoi is a digital platform for identifying talents through games and discovering careers suited to the user’s personality. This guidance program is based on validated artificial intelligence models and positive pedagogy. Parents and supervisors are involved in the process by being connected to the dashboard. Orientoi holds the contract for the Proch’Orientation profiling platform of the Hauts De France Region.

Pitangoo is an interactive tool of videos and interactive questionnaires that aims to encourage people to better know themselves, to orient themselves and to engage their entourage in their career orientation.

Curiose assists people in their educational and professional orientation. Curiose’s technologies are based on the RIASEC and allow us to provide a RIASEC profile for this project.

Inokufu is an interface that allows the creation and exploitation of a database of training and educational resources. Within the framework of this project, Inokufu provides a matching between the CY Cergy Pontoise University training courses and the results generated through the other tools.

Jobready, thanks to its soft skills repository and its AI, generates a series of soft skills that the person has acquired from a written text. is a free online personal cloud server, hosted in France or self-hosted.

In application, the person performs an introspective work through games to propose reorientation possibilities within CY Cergy Pontoise University undergrad programs. The results of these games are put in the form of a reorientation assessment that can be easily shared with a counselor.

A first version of the Reorientation Assessment is already available. A new version of this tool is planned for September. If you want to discover the tool through a live demo or test it, please contact