On June 21st, the Bringers of Fire event, organized by Prometheus-X, took place. This event brought together over 100 brilliant and innovative minds from the fields of education and employment, all passionate about using data to shape the future. Discover everything that happened during this unforgettable event!


Introduction to the Prometheus-X Project

The presentation of the Prometheus-X project captivated the audience by first highlighting the revolutionary infrastructure that has been established. This open and human-centered infrastructure enables innovative use cases in the field of skills and education. Secondly, it showcased the development of a skills data space within the GAIA-X project.

This ecosystem offers a catalogue that includes:
– 20 data ecosystems on education and skills
– 200 datasets on education and skills
– 150 education and skills services

During this presentation, we had the privilege of hearing from the following speakers:

  • Francesco Bonfiglio from GAIA-X
  • Christopher Wilson from MyData
  • Matthias De Bièvre from Prometheus-X

These experts shared their knowledge and vision, laying the foundation for this ambitious project.

Innovative Ideas and Lively Discussions

The event also provided an opportunity to explore several concrete data ecosystems developed as part of the Prometheus-X project through panel discussions.


1. Use Case on Personalized Skills Matching

During this session, a panel of renowned speakers came together to discuss an exciting use case that focuses on personalized skills matching. The central objective of this case is to offer tailored learning programs and career pathways. This innovative approach aims to meet each individual’s unique needs by identifying their specific skills and providing them with suitable learning and professional development opportunities. Through this personalized approach, the Prometheus-X project aims to open new perspectives and transform how individuals acquire skills and shape their careers.

Distinguished speakers who enriched this session include:
• Pierre Boulet from the University of Lille
• Matthias De Bièvre from Visions
• Rolf Reinhardt from LinkedIn
• Jan Joost Norder from EMREX
• Kurt Ryckaert from Athumi
• Ave Ungro from the Estonian Qualification Authority

If you’d like to explore and participate in this use case, you can register by following this link: https://catalog.visionstrust.com/ 


2. Use Case on Skills Analytics Dashboards

At this inspiring event, several speakers discussed an engaging use case regarding skills analytics dashboards. These dashboards enable the analysis and forecasting of skill demand in the European Union. By leveraging relevant data, these dashboards provide valuable insights to help decision-makers anticipate skill needs and take strategic actions. They offer a clear view of the evolving labor market and help guide education and employment policies effectively.

During this exchange, we had the honor of listening to the following distinguished speakers:
• Samia Ghozlane from GEN
• Leena Pontynen from TIF
• Sabine Zander from IMC
• Harri Ketamo and Anu Passi-Rauste from HeadAI

To participate in this use case and learn more, you can register by following this link: https://headai.catalog.visionstrust.com/ 


3. Use Case on Personalized Learning and Learning Analytics

At this event, a remarkable presentation brought together several speakers to discuss the exciting use case of personalized learning and learning analytics. This use case focuses on the personalization of pedagogy and learning, providing an educational experience tailored to each learner. By leveraging learning data, analytics techniques enable understanding of individual needs, identification of learning patterns, and provision of personalized recommendations. The Prometheus-X project aims to evolve the educational landscape by offering reinvented learning environments that are both effective and specifically aligned with each learner’s expectations.

During this final use case, we had the privilege of hearing remarkable presentations from the following speakers:
• Sylvie Vitel from the Académie de Nancy
• Ingo List from Antares
• Peep Küngas from Estonia
• Matthieu Sonnati from Inokufu
• Thierry Koscielniak from Cnam

If you are interested in this use case and would like to participate, you can register using the following link: https://inokufu.catalog.visionstrust.com/ 

These inspiring examples demonstrated how data can be strategically used to enhance employability and professional success.

The presentation of these ecosystems sparked numerous questions among participants. Additionally, several participants proposed ecosystem projects, data, or services by registering based on their specific use cases in the corresponding catalog.

At the end of the online event, many participants registered for one or more catalogs, resulting in:
• 155 Registered Organizations
• 212 Declared Datasets
• 189 Available Services
• 26 Proposed Ecosystem Projects

If you missed this event, don’t worry!
You can watch the event replay by clicking here.
You can also join the Prometheus-X project by contacting Matthias De Bièvre, the president of Prometheus-X association, at matthias@visionspol.eu .