In a world where data exchange has become essential for many organizations, ensuring security, integrity, and compliance is paramount. This is where VisionsTrust comes in, offering an advanced data exchange API that simplifies and secures stakeholder interconnections and data exchange. In this article, explore the various features provided by VisionsTrust and how they contribute to creating a trusted ecosystem for data exchange.


Connect to a Wide Range of Data, Services, and Ecosystems

VisionsTrust provides a comprehensive catalog of available data, services, and ecosystems. This catalog enables other systems to interact with it and offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily:

  • Register, modify, and delete services or datasets with just a few clicks.
  • Customize descriptions and terms of use for specific services or datasets.
  • Find services or datasets that perfectly match your criteria, such as data type, source, service type, terms of use, price, and more.
  • Express your interest in a service or dataset and communicate directly with the providers to obtain all the necessary information.

VisionsTrust also ensures identity verification of organizations interacting with it through its identification system. Hence, you can have peace of mind regarding the security of your exchanges.


Simplify Consent and Ensure Compliance

Respecting GDPR regulations and ethical principles while facilitating data exchange is crucial. That’s why VisionsTrust offers a consent service that allows you to manage, store, verify, and revoke individuals’ consent with ease.
This service generates personalized consent based on a contract between the user and data sources. It includes all necessary information, such as the purpose of processing, parties involved, data involved, validity duration, and means of revocation.

Thanks to this revolutionary technology, you benefit from complete decentralization and guaranteed immutability. Each exchange and data processing requiring consent is verified to ensure maximum protection. Our technology is also capable of detecting any fraudulent attempt to use permissions.

With VisionsTrust’s consent service, you can ensure that:

  • Your data is secure.
  • Individuals’ rights are respected.
  • You remain fully compliant with current regulations.


Automatically Generate Contracts to Secure Data Transfers

VisionsTrust automates the process of creating contracts tailored to your needs. For this purpose, VisionsTrust utilizes open and machine-readable contract clauses published on a common and open repository compliant with W3C standards.

To ensure the security and reliability of these contracts, this technology harnesses the power of blockchain. Contracts are securely stored and verified through smart contracts, providing you with complete confidence in the established terms and commitments.

This contractual system also interacts with the identity system to validate the identities of the involved parties. Thus, VisionsTrust ensures strict confidentiality and verification.

VisionsTrust also ensures compliance with the consents established in the contracts. This system interacts with the consent system to produce consent perfectly aligned with the existing contract. Finally, to guarantee optimal monitoring, this system interacts with the surveillance system to detect any fraudulent attempts to use permissions.


Decentralized Authentication for Reliable Data Exchanges

VisionsTrust offers an “identity dashboard” to provide you with reliable and decentralized authentication. Whether you are an internal or external entity, you can now obtain a decentralized identity.
This service is based on the standards and implementations of self-sovereign identity, ESSIF, and W3C, as well as W3C-compliant wallet standards. It ensures the security and traceability of decentralized identities for authenticating exchanged data.

VisionsTrust offers you a secure data exchange API that facilitates stakeholder interconnections. Features such as the catalog, consent service, contract automation, and identity guarantee efficient and transparent data management while respecting regulations and ethical principles. By adopting Visionstrust, you can create or participate in a trusted ecosystem where data exchange becomes simple, secure, and respectful of individuals’ rights.

Connect to VisionsTrust now and let our technology revolutionize data sharing !