In March of this year, Visions was selected among the 35 service providers who received the prestigious MyData Award 2023. This recognition highlights the initiatives carried out by organizations in Europe and around the world, aiming to give individuals the ability to manage their personal data and provide practical tools for regaining control over their digital lives.

What is MyData Award?

Launched for the first time in 2020, this event is organized by the internationally recognized non-profit organization, MyData Global. It recognizes and celebrates human-centered data solutions in two categories:

  • MyData Operator
  • MyData in Practice

The awards were announced at the international Data Spaces Symposium in The Hague, Netherlands.The MyData initiative is recognized in the European Union’s data strategy as promising for empowering citizens to exercise their digital rights.

VisionTrust received the MyData Operator 2023 award

The MyData Operator award honors organizations offering a human-centered infrastructure for the use and sharing of personal data.

The MyData Operator status is the gold standard for ethical personal data intermediaries, as described in the EU Data Governance Act. This distinction was awarded to Visions due to its VisionTrust technology, enabling fully human-centered platform interconnectivity.


VisionsGalaxy awarded MyData in Practice 2023

MyData in Practice celebrates real-life applications of ethical personal data usage. It recognizes solutions and services that utilize personal data to provide individuals with better insights and help them achieve their goals. In recognition of their commitment to providing a human-centered and privacy-compliant service, Visions received the award for their VisionsGalaxy platform. This platform, fully GDPR-compliant, is a consent management tool that interconnects stakeholders in education, training, career guidance, and employment, enhancing the experience for beneficiaries and professionals.

Visions continues to engage in various projects, contributing to the implementation of this approach by creating tools and services that allow individuals to easily and securely manage their data.

These awards underline the crucial role of data intermediaries in developing tools and services that enable individuals to manage their data securely. Through their technologies, Visions facilitates the connection of stakeholders within data ecosystems, offering personalized and innovative solutions. This approach not only improves user experiences but also plays a key role in the digital transformation of society.