Thanks to our network of 250 partners, the Visions team has the opportunity to meet its users every month. Indeed, being invited to events allows us to get feedback and improve our tools. Check out a recap of the two biggest workshops of the month !

Discovery workshop for high school students

The first workshop of the month took place on January 12, 2023 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Georges Brassens High School in Villepinte. This workshop took place as part of the “Future” day organized by a class and their teachers. During this day, students from 10th to 12th grade had the opportunity to refine their career projects. It was in this context that Visions intervened to present its new tool: VisionsGalaxy.

In total, 68 high school students discovered VisionsGalaxy and used it to find out which professions correspond to their interests. The majority of young people used the OrienToi platform. Both students and teachers were enthusiastic about this innovation !

For teachers, the big advantage of this tool lies in the fun activities in the form of missions that simply guide students in their career choices.

As for high school students, they loved :

  •  Orienting themselves with games and getting rewards in return
  • Being able to discover more about themselves and their personality
  • The idea of avatars within VisionsGalaxy

Discovery and Co-construction Workshop with a Class of Master’s Degree Students at ASSAS

The second workshop of the month was held on January 24th, 2023, at ASSAS. Invited by one of its teachers, Visions conducted a workshop for a MSE class (Master’s degree in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship).

This workshop was divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Presentation of Visions and its tools
In order to immerse students in the world of Visions, a brief presentation of the company, its partners, and its projects was made. Then the focus shifted to exploring VisionsGalaxy.

– Part 2 : Testing and brainstorming around VisionsGalaxy
During this second part of the workshop, students divided into groups to work on the following topics :

  • UX of VisionsGalaxy
  • Monetization of the platform
  • User acquisition
  • Fostering a loyal ecosystem of career orientation and job placement actors in France and Europe around this project

Part 3 : Presentation of the working groups
Following this reflection time, students provided feedback and ideas regarding the 4 topics discussed earlier. After cross-checking the work of each group, several common points emerged.

Points to improve to make the UX smoother :
o Simplify the information and provide a clear message on the usefulness of the platform
o Make the orientation report more easily accessible and downloadable
o Display a salary range next to job offers in the report
o Add an FAQ tab
o Replace “My report” in the navigation menu with another more evocative word

The elements already present that make the UX enjoyable :
o Gamification: great start, makes you want to explore the platform
o Interface: clear and modern, makes you want to dive in
o Rewards: easily accessible

Ideas for monetizing the platform:
o Participate in European calls for projects
o Collaborate with HR departments of companies and provide them with the platform to help their employees
o Develop partnerships for rewards
o Increase partnerships with schools, regions, and academies.

Ideas for user acquisition :
o Develop partnerships with influencers, platforms such as Indeed, regions, academies, universities, high schools, and associations in job placement.
o Improve social media presence and create a TikTok account
o Clearly redefine the value proposition in one sentence to make communication easier
o Create a communication kit to harmonize communication and maintain aesthetic and attractiveness coherence.

Ideas regarding fostering a loyal ecosystem of career orientation and job placement actors in France and Europe:
o Get closer to regions and cities within the European Union with the highest unemployment rates
o Enable the downloading of a summary PDF sheet to facilitate information transmission between actors
o Use recognized tests used by companies, such as the 16 personalities test.

This workshop, rich in exchanges, allowed us to identify points for improvement but also possible avenues.
If you also wish to invite us to one of your events or to your school, simply send an email to Mackenzie Himmelbauer at !