What is DS4Skills’ online inventory ?

DS4Skills’ online inventory is a new platform launched with the aim of providing a comprehensive and structured overview of emerging data spaces, platforms, services, applications, and other initiatives in the field of skills data. This online inventory of skills data initiatives is one of the main outcomes of DS4Skills. It presents a selected set of initiatives that collect, store, and share data on education and skills, with a particular emphasis on skills platforms for ecological and digital transformations.

The online inventory offers several advantages to address the lack of visibility and fragmentation of existing initiatives on the subject. Additionally, it serves as an important communication tool for the DS4Skills project and all members of the skills data ecosystem. This platform also helps improve alignment and harmonization between parallel projects of the Digital Europe Program.


What does DS4Skills’ online inventory offer ?

This inventory provides a user-friendly interface with three interactive functions allowing users to access data by:

  • discovery, by browsing and filtering all initiatives according to various criteria
  • relationships, to see how everything is linked and understand the relationship between different features.
  • analysis, to find overlaps and differences between different topics and initiatives.

The current content of the inventory was collected through market analysis based on :

  • an online survey
  • documentary research on public information available on initiatives

In addition, the methodology of categorizing and evaluating existing initiatives in the field of educational and skill data was applied.
To continue feeding this inventory, a project and initiative submission form has been added. This form allows platform users to suggest new initiatives and add details about those already integrated.

Discover the inventory and add new initiatives ➡️ www.inventory.skillsdataspace.eu