Guaranteeing the best conditions for guidance and professional orientation for different audiences is not an easy task. Each public has its own needs and codes, this is why we propose our customizable ecosystem : VisionsGalaxy ! VisionsGalaxy combines numerous tools and algorithms for guidance and matching with job and training offers to enable a personalized and powerful service for the individual.


How does it work ?

This innovation is similar to the way dating sites work, but it puts candidates and recruiters in contact thanks to an algorithm that aggregates numerous sources of job and training offers (Pôle Emploi, HelloWork, Indeed, LinkedIn, CPF, ONISEP, etc).

From the candidate’s point of view :

1/ The candidate is offered a selection of fun tools adapted to his profile (age, situation, etc.), from more than 25 edtech partners, allowing him to identify :
– their skills
– their talents
– their professional preferences
– the jobs and sectors that interest them

With the edtech tools, the candidate can quickly create his or her own profile from the data generated on the proposed platforms.

2/Once the candidate has agreed to share his or her data, the algorithm of our partner HeadAIe system automatically proposes the offers that best correspond to his or her profile. For this purpose, the data is evaluated by the algorithm which detects, associates the keywords and analyzes the compatibility between the profile and the available offers. Everything is based on the consent of the person, who can decide exactly who has access to which data.

The more complete a candidate’s profile is, the more accurate the results will be. With this in mind, the candidate can replay the tools at any time to continue to build their profile. The candidate can also keep using the tools to explore other jobs or sectors and can be shown jobs with recruitment difficulties, for example.

3/ The candidate explores the offers and applies without a CV or cover letter by sharing his or her profile in 2 clicks with recruiters for the offers of his or her choice.

4/ The candidate also has the possibility to send his profile and his research to their counselor.
In addition, every step of the way, the candidate earns points that can be exchanged for gifts (concerts, culinary boxes, products, discounts, etc.). This approach allows the candidate to be more involved in his research and the completion of his profile.

With VisionsGalaxy, the candidate has a complete, personalized and gamified system to help them in their orientation and professional career path, while keeping control of their data throughout the process.


For professional orientation and guidance structures :


1/ VisionsGalaxy ecosystem is calibrated according to your needs by integrating your training catalog or the one of your choice such as Oriane, CPF, Onisep, etc . But also or only the job offers, internships and work-study programs you propose or other sources such as Pôle Emploi, Hello Work, Indeed, a job board of your city, etc …

2/ Once the tool is calibrated, you can share it with your network and/or use it in your various events.

3/ As soon as a candidate makes progress in their employment or training search, they can share their progress with their advisor.


Several advantages for the support and professional integration structures but also for the candidate

For guidance and professional orientation structures:

– Better counseling for your clients
– Customization of the tool according to your needs
– Quick to set up thanks to our pre-calibrated tool
– Monitoring beneficiaries’ progress is simplified and shortened
– Fun and innovative, allowing for a different kind of orientation
– Proven tool with many partners: local missions, cities, CIDJ network structures and independent coaches
– Simple connection with your CRM thanks to our API
– A more precise and simple matching with training and jobs
– A tool in adapted for users of all ages
– Interoperability with your existing tools
– A way to energize trainings/jobs that have difficulty recruiting and attracting candidates

For the candidate:

– Time-saver for research and applications
– Centralization of offers in a single space
– Precise information on what is required for the job or training,
– Specific and unique offers
– Better support in their choices and integration into new organizations

This new matching pathway completes the gamified pathways within VisionsGalaxy, which are already widely distributed in France and more particularly in the Ile-de-France region. More than 7000 people have already built their orientation thanks to our tool !

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