Finding a career, a training program or a job that suits you is possible with VisionsGalaxy. Launched in January 2023, this innovative and playful platform allows people to reach their professional goals comfortably !


An application that helps young people stay motivated and encouraged thanks to gamified paths and rewards 

The goal of VisionsGalaxy‘s is to help each person to succeed in his or her professional orientation and integration. To do so, we give them access to more than 30 interconnected platforms in one place without the need to sign up on each platform
This application offers the possibility to choose between 5 goals that can be reached by playing:

  • Develop your potential
  • Discover yourself
  • Find a training course
  • Build your career path
  • Find a job

Once the user has selected their goal to pursue on the platform, they can be guided by our gamified and personalized online challenges. Each challenge includes several missions that contain several tasks to be completed. Each task is then associated with different tools that can help them.

In addition to the tools, VisionsGalaxy gives access to many exclusive and free events throughout the year: livestreaming events, webinars, speed dating, jobdating, etc. People also have the possibility to make an appointment with a guidance counselor to be accompanied. Users can also share information from the platforms (soft skills, talents, compatible jobs, etc.) with the counselor who accompanies them.

As they progress, users receive points called VisionsStars that can be exchanged for gifts. Moreover, the more the person progresses, the more gifts he or she wins (concert tickets, culinary boxes, gift cards and promo codes). This is used to keep people motivated and to encourage them to explore new tools that can help them.

    Two tools exclusive to VisionsGalaxy that help users discover their matches with jobs and training offers

    In addition to our partnering platforms, we have developed two tools to help you succeed in your orientation: the Orientation Assessment and the Reorientation Assessment.
    The Orientation Assessment is a tool to help young people (high school students, students and job seekers) in their choice of orientation, professions, training and employment. With the help of 4 platforms, this assessment offers them the opportunity to :

    • Determine their soft skills,
    • Learn more about themselves,
    • Discover which careers and sectors are compatible with their personalities and desires,
    • Deepen their knowledge with educational resources
    • Identify and apply for training and job opportunities that match their profile without a resume or cover letter.

    To meet a growing need related to the reorientation brought about by covid, we have created the Reorientation Assessment. This assessment is there to help students and young people who wish to change their studies or career. This fun course is composed of 3 platforms to :

    • Identify the professions or sectors that interest them
    • Discover their talents and personality profile
    • Deepen their knowledge with educational resources
    • Explore a personalized selection of training offers and apply in one click

    One month after the launch, VisionsGalaxy already has :

    • 7,000 users
    • 200 organizations that use the tools
    • 100 counselors who use it in their daily work

    You want to use the platform with your beneficiaries? Or would you like to know more about VisionsGalaxy? Send an email to Mackenzie Himmelbauer at !