The Digital Careers SpeeDating is an event that took place on November 23rd and 24th from 4pm to 7pm. In total, more than 350 participants exchanged with training organizations.

A new concept for a different kind of orientation

Organized in partnership with the Grande Ecole du Numérique during the OPEN GEN week, this online event allowed participants to :

  • Conduct their career orientation assessment with Visions’ innovative tool
  • Discover their matches with training courses
  • Meet and exchange with training organizations
  • Benefit from a coaching session

At the end of the event, participants had access to a preview of the VisionsGalaxy platform ! A free toolbox that gathers more than 30 tools connected to the same data network to help people reach their professional goals.

    Positive feedback from participants, training organizations and coaches 

    For its first edition, this event was a great success with more than 350 participants as well as 38 training organizations and 10 coaches present.

    The Digital Careers SpeeDating allowed the training organizations to meet 5 candidates on average.

    Discover the testimonies of some of the participants that we collected after the event:


    “I am very happy with SpeeDating, I had 5 online meetings and I am still thinking about my career path”


    “This is exactly what I was looking for to find the training and the job I wanted, I made appointments with everyone… just to explore a bit”


    “I made several appointments, some training organizations were not there for the appointment, but they contacted me afterwards”


    “In the end I wasn’t very interested in digital jobs but rather in the coaching field so I made appointments with the coaches”


    Would you like to organize this type of event with Visions? Or would you like to offer your training in VisionsGalaxy? Contact Mackenzie Himmelbauer at