CY University,  partner of the Career Orientation Assessment, invited Visions to two key events they organized to help individuals find their path.

1st event with two Career Assessment ambassadors

On September 20th, Visions participated in the event organized by the École Pratique de Service Social (EPSS) and UNISAP in Cergy-Pontoise to introduce its Career Assessment.

During this event Visions was represented for the first time by two ambassadors:

  • Le Thi Duong – Coach and Consultant in professional evolution
  • Kevin Lutonadio – Independent Training Consultant

Our ambassadors presented the tool to many students, 70 of whom completed their career assessment !

This tool helped them to :
– discover their soft skills,
– identify careers and professional contexts
– see their matches with training courses

This event brought together many actors in the field of career guidance and professional integration, including Asso Creative.

An event dedicated to career in Ecology and Digital Transformation

The week dedicated to careers in Ecology and Digital Transformation took place from October 3 to October 7. The goal of this event was to promote the jobs related to the training courses available in the Val d’Oise (East-West 95).

Throughout this week, many activities were proposed, including
Visits to companies for professionals (technical platforms eco-renovation in Vexin, permaculture, Veolia campus …)
Conferences on digital ecology, future jobs and eco/digital jobs
– A Jobdating event with focuses on: training, orientation, employment and entrepreneurship

Visions was present on October 7th during the Job dating event to animate the orientation section with its innovative tool : the Career Orientation Assessment. By the end of the event, more than 30 people completed their orientation assessment and applied for training in transition, ecology or digital.

This event brought together many players in the field of career guidance and professional integration, including : Vélo Services (Sauvegarde 95), OrgaNeo, Génération Solidaire Val d’Oise, TechUpClimate, Les petits débrouillards, Empreintes d’Avenir, Eco-ambassadors of the Cergy-Pontoise agglomeration, Ecole de la transition écologique, La grande école du numérique and J’avance avec EMA.

If you would like to have the Career Orientation Assessment at one of your events, just send an email to Mackenzie Himmelbauer !