All educational institutions want to surround themselves with the best speakers in their fields, in order to provide quality education to their students. Recruiting tenors and experts can be a relatively complicated and time-consuming task for educational teams.

What is Tenors?

Launched in 2020, the platform connects speakers with higher education schools throughout France. It has more than 2,900 profiles of varied and expert lecturers, a number that is growing every day.

By creating a free profile, Tenors lecturers can make themselves visible and available to higher education institutions and apply for their recruitment offers.

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Become a Tenors speaker?

What could be more enjoyable than feeling listened to? Interacting with students is certainly the best way to rediscover this wonderful feeling, a guaranteed source of satisfaction.

Tenors helps lecturers to highlight their desire to pass on their knowledge by giving them visibility with recruiting institutions.
Simple and free of charge, by creating a profile, speakers benefit from several advantages in addition to visibility and offers. Tenors provides and shares tools and advice on teaching through posts, articles and webinars.


On the institutional side

Tenors will enable educational teams to enrich and efficiently manage their recruitment of lecturers thanks to an innovative solution that is completely autonomous and directly addresses the right profiles.

A platform adapted to the higher education sector, whose mission is to
– To enrich the network of institutions and make all recruitments a success.
Reduce the time it takes to find candidates.
Centralize candidate profiles in a Tenors database.

Tenors offers new features for higher education, such as direct contact with lecturers, the publication of job offers, and the creation of an institution showcase to increase visibility and receive unsolicited applications.

Tenors intends to transform the recruitment of lecturers for higher education, using a powerful, innovative and human tool.