Launch of the VisionsTrust Early Adopter program

DECEMBER 14 FROM 10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM

Discover the laureates of the VisionsTrust Early Adopter Program and explore in detail the powerful features of VisionsTrust ! Join us to celebrate innovative projects shaping the future of data ecosystems through VisionsTrust technology !

About the VisionsTrust Early Adopter program

The VisionsTrust Early Adopter Program provides laureates with exclusive access to VisionsTrust before its official launch in January 2024. This innovative platform simplifies the creation and operation of data ecosystems, offering key features such as :
  • Governance definition,
  • Automation of data exchange contracts,
  • Management of user consent and identity,
  • Seamless interoperability through a single and customizable portal.

Awardees will also benefit from personalized workshops to develop their ecosystem, identify key stakeholders, design innovative use cases, define data exchange conditions, and create a detailed operational Rulebook.

The revelation of the 5 laureates is approaching, so join us on December 14 during this webinar !
VisionsTrust is built on open-source components and validated according to the Prometheus-X and GAIA-X standards.

What you will discover during the webinar

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10:00 AM

Announcement of laureates

Witness the live revelation of the 5 ecosystems selected to join the VisionsTrust Early Adopter Program.

10:05 AM

Introduction to VisionsTrust

Explore the features of VisionsTrust and understand how this platform facilitates the management and creation of data ecosystems. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in a demonstration and test VisionsTrust live. This interactive experience will give you a comprehensive understanding of how this solution precisely addresses your requirements for data management and operation.

10:20 AM

Discovery of innovative ecosystem projects

Immerse yourself in a captivating presentation to understand how these innovative projects will maximize their potential through the use of VisionsTrust. Discover how VisionsTrust significantly contributes to the operational efficiency of a data ecosystem, enhances collaboration among key stakeholders, and realizes use cases.

10:50 AM

Exchange and questions

Pose your questions about the presented ecosystems, exchange ideas with other participants, and enrich your understanding of data ecosystems.

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