VisionsTrust, a service that facilitates data exchanges

VisionsTrust is an all in one human-centric data sharing API and WebApp. It allows you to connect data holders and data users to a single data sharing network, based on contracts and individual consent. VisionsTrust does not store the data but only manages the permissions and data exchanges in the network.

VisionsTrust features


Data Contract Service

– set data set terms of use

– automatically generate data sharing contracts between data holders and data users

– sign the contract on the blockchain

– verify the validity of the contract and respect of conditions before allowing the generation of consent and the data exchange


Consent service

– generate data sharing consents based on valid contracts between data holders and data users

– integrate data exchange consents pop-ups in your service

– allow users to give and revoke consents

– verify the validity of a consent

Identity management

– ensure consents are collected and data is exchanged for the right users

– link user’s identifiers in data holders and data users

– (Optional) Singe Sign On: allow your users to log into all the interconnected tools and platforms with a single identity


Data exchange service

– allow data exchange between data holder and data user for specific data types and a specific use, based on a valid and verified consent


– access the data holder’s data format to map yours to

– interoperability functionality to translate directly the format to yours


– generate an iframe to present to your user the UX steps to use your service and share data

– contextualize the next steps and data sharing options according to the user and your UX

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