Grand Calais Hauts de France

A Visions Dynamic CV project

The employment situation

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A land of strong ressources with high unemployment

Along with being the youngest region of France, Hauts-de-France is also a European crossroad. The concentration of the population spans on 15% of the territory and Calais is one of the strong points of the region.

The unemployment affects many young people that stay unemployed a long time. Calais specifically has seen a 8,1% decrease in employment since 2008.

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Strong and changing industries

10% of France's industrial employment is located in Hauts-de-France. It is a tertiary sector in strong development.

Changes in the industry come with new types of jobs and new types of skillset requirements.

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Project goals

Empowering everyone with their professionnal path

  • Shorten the recruitment process through better information sharing between employment stakeholders

  • Allow people to connect their skills data sources to get more precise job and training offers

  • Allow people to have an always up to date resume
  • Allow organizations to have precise and complete information on the skills profiles present on the territory

  • Allow precise statistics on the effectiveness of trainings on the return to employmen

  • Create a human centric data network

Today's problems

People don't have complete information on their skills

Organisations don't have complete information on people's skills

COVID-19 makes it challenging to put people back to work

The regions doesn't have access to skills profiles or to the skill needs

The lack of precise information

Territories need statistics to finance the right trainings

COVID crisis will suppress many existing jobs. There is a challenge to find ways to train & find employment for the people

Unemployment is rising, the skills and available jobs of the territory are not known

Dynamic CV Network

The dynamic CV network

Access to data from the university

Sending data to recruitment platforms and employers

Sharing data with learning & guidance apps

Sharing data to training organizations for better recommendations


Terres & Mers
Region Hauts-de-France
Dynamic CV Project in Grand Calais

The project will create a Dynamic CV Network for 15 000 unemployed people connecting the major employers, training organizations, universities and public stakeholders of the territory. Through the standardization process led by Visions, the network can easily be extended to other players after the first phase.

Data in circulation

Personal data

  • Diplomas
  • Grades
  • Skills
  • Experiences
  • Orientation

Non-personal data

  • Training offers
  • Job offers

Simplifying the process for the person

By allowing people to easily share their data present in various organizations and by creating communication between the major actors of the employment process, we can simplify and reinforce employment.

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Propose the right educational offers and the right guidance


Propose the most valuable job offers

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Propose the most valuable help and get access to statistics

Training organizations

Propose the right training offers

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Acquired skills
Skills in high demand
Prediction on future skills
Available skills


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Reduce recruitment process by 30%
More precise match making between skills and jobs

Local Value

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Highlight local jobs
Highlight local skills


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Human centric data flow


For individuals, the dynamic CV will allow them to connect all of their skills data scattered across the different data silos, give authorizations on sharing and using their data and receive offers for employment, training, mentors & skill validations.

Each organization will also have access to data from the network and depending on its needs, will be able to use matching functionnalities and statistics for profiles, skill needs, available jobs and trainings. Each organization can also connect their existing platforms & tools to the network.


At Visions, we work on personnal data portability to allow organizations to understand and get the value of personnal data. Our tool, VisionsTrust, manages the portability of the data based on consent.

Visions is at the initiative of a European organization : a New Governance which is also collaborating with the European Commission to establish the norms for data flow & data protection. There are more than 100 organizations involved internationally.

Inside of this organization, we created the Skills Alliance, which links projects worldwide on skills data flow & standardization. Skills are also at the center of several data circulation projects led by Visions in France, Finland and California

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