We have worked with many companies on their privacy and GDPR compliance. Once data and processings are mapped, you need to ensure people's rights on their data.

You need to provide new information and new functionnalites and those impact your UX and UI.

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How do you inform people well ?

How to ask for consents ?

How to manage consents ?

How can people access their data ?

How can people ask for deletion or portability ?

Those decisions are strategic : they determine what data you will use and the trust your users put into you.

We have studied existing solutions :


Banners that block the use of your service.


Pop-ups that don't fit with your design or UX.


Consents asked several times with uncomprehensible descriptions.

We firmly believe that those go against the company's and the user's interests : they don't allow the trust for data to be shared, for consents to be given.

This is why we developed our Privacy tool : VisionsTrust

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VisionsTrust is one tool that helps you manage all users rights, while making it a strategic asset.

A beautiful and transparent information, a simple and intuitive control : this is what will earn your user's and partners' trust and make them prefer your service for handling their data.

Our tool allows you to :

Integrate fluidly information about data and processings in your UI, ask, manage and respect consents, ask users for data in other services, handle access, modification and deletion requests, offer a data management interface to your users, respect best privacy principles.


What we do

Follow the best privacy standards and designs and use PrivacyIcons, which are officially recognized by the Data Protection Authority.

Work with european leaders to create standards in the design of Privacy and implement them in your product.

Design the integration in your UI and UX and then your developers can easily integrate VisionsTrust by simple API calls.

Implement the consent management in your code so that at any time you only use the data authorized.

VisionsTrust : One tool to manage automatically all rights while adapting to your UX, UI and technology.

A centralized administration interface :

Manage what data you use for what processings and put it automatically up to date across all the integration.


Change descriptions and consent information.

Ask for data present in other service.

Get reports on consents and all legal documents to prove them.

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