Solutions designed to meet your needs and those of your students

We modernize the orientation and professional integration processes as well as skills determination to provide an introspective and forward-looking experience for your learners.

Our solutions combine our Edtech partners’ technologies, who are specialists in their respective fields and our VisionsTrust technology to move data with students’ consent.


Orientation assessments that are adapted to your needs

The Career Counseling Assessment

The objective of the career counseling assessment is to allow your students to be guided according to the fields that best suit them.
To do this, we offer a 100% digital assessment which, through several interconnected tools, allows you to counsel young people according to their personalities, their aspirations, their skills and their interests.

The Academic Counseling Assessment

The objective of the academic counseling assessment is to allow your students to be counseled according to your training offerings and curriculum.

The process is identical to the professional counseling assessment with the addition of a step that allows you to match a domain with one of your training courses.

How do career assessments work ?

Step 1 – Discovering soft skills through your past experiences

Jobready is an artificial intelligence-based platform for determining soft skills using a state-recognized process for certifying soft skills.

The learner interact with the chatbot

The learner inputs these experiences which are translated into soft skills. These soft skills can then be evaluated by the learner, their tutor or their entourage.

Suggested badges

A list of badges is generated by Jobready based on the soft skills the learner has identified. These badges are then sent to Orientoi with the learner’s consent.

Step 2 – Discovery of professional context

A digital platform for identifying one’s talents through games and discovering professional contexts adapted to the user’s personality.

The student plays interactive games

Orientoi generates a list of potential talents and jobs that match the student’s profile.

Jobs proposed to the student

A list of compatible occupations, sectors and professional contexts is generated. The student must then select the suggestion(s) that best correspond to him/her. The student can discover each suggestion thanks to the videos and explanatory sheets.

Matching with trainings


The student is offered one or more courses associated with the suggestions he or she has chosen.

Step 3 – Proposition of Educational Content 

Inokufu is an interface proposing educational resources. It  recommends educational content categorized by specific subjects.

The targeted trades or training are transferred to Inokufu

Inokufu generates a list of content that correspond to the student’s profile and to the chosen training/trade.

Proposition of educational content

The student is offered, by e-mail, targeted educational content according to the training courses and/or jobs previously selected on Orientoi.

Step 4 – Viewing and storing assessment results


A platform that allows users to seamlessly store their personal data on the cloud.

The student has access to their assessment

Cozy stores all of the assessment data in a central location so that the learner can easily share the information with a guidance counselor, for example.


As a data operator we provide interoperability of services and build fluid user experience across platforms.


New skills-based approach: the skills portfolio

The purpose of the Skills Portfolio is to centralize the learning, experiences, hard skills, soft skills and journey of your students in a digital environment.

How does the skills portfolio work ?

your skills

a storage, tracking and validation method for skills

your existing applications
and your IS to the skills portfolio

your digital ecosystem
through standardization

Our packages for the skills portfolio 

Our Orientation Assessments and Skills Portfolios are adapted to all types of organizations


We modify our solutions based on feedback from your students. This is possible by doing tests and workshops with them throughout the integration process.


The solutions are adapted to your needs, your existing tools and actors involved. We can incorporate new partners whose services you wish to use.


Our 100% digital solutions integrate the interconnection of services, all the necessary educational resources as well as cognitive tests and analysis of compatibility with jobs and training.