Discover the first 100% human-centric EdTech Marketplace

Visions offers you a marketplace to make your platform available to students in universities and training programs. Through the marketplace, EdTechs are paid according to the use of their platform. Be among the first to benefit from this opportunity!

Human-Centric EdTech Marketplace

The person chooses the edtechs they want to interact with

Edtechs are recommended to the individual based on what they are looking for

Simplified data sharing

The benefits of the edtech marketplace


Increase your revenue

Generate revenue based on the use of a basic version of your platform


Increase your visibility

Get exposure to new potential customers and new student users through our edtech marketplace via our partnering universities and training organizations


Value your data

Get paid for the anonymized statistics of your platform

Many partners are already involved

Our partnering organizations will distribute access to the marketplace to their students and beneficiaries 

Partnering EdTech Organizations

They will also be on the platform